About Us

JAGRATI SAMAJ SEVA SAMITI is a Non Profit Organisation, carrying out development activities since last 25 years in the different districts of Madhya Pradesh especially in district MORENA.

Jagrati  Samaj  Seva  Samiti is a voluntary agency working in the areas of rural and urban development, child education, women empowerment and farmer development through encouragement, direct program interventions and capacity building of the community to access the benefits of State Programs. Organisation identifies society conscription, raising earnings, education, primary health care, supporting community based rehabilitation of disabled persons, conservation of natural resources and promotion for civil and legal rights as essential program areas to fight poverty in the project areas.

 Since its beginning, the prominence was given on the holistic development of the community people. Therefore, no area of development was untouched in the process of community development. This is the strong belief of the foundation that all section of the society is covered to experience a visible change. 

The nation’s wealth reserve has also grown to a moderate volume. But It’s benefits are only visible in the living standard of upper and upper middle-class society, unfortunately the lower section of society such as Dalits, Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribes and Backward class remains in the same isolation as ever.

The purpose of JAGRATI SAMAJ SEVA SAMITI is to work among people who live in urban and rural area so that they may be empowered and enriched to shape their own destiny.